Dick Kemper Productions

As a producer, engineer and composer, Dick Kemper has contributed to more than 200 CD albums which have been recorded at S&K Studio. His vast experience as a musician- and has toured the world with Vandenberg and supported bands like Ozzy Osbourne and Kiss- have provided a solid musical foundation when he started his S&K Studio in 1992.

He has built his vast experienced of the last couple of decades by working in various studio’s all over the World and collaberating with fellow producers such as Stuart Epps (a.o. Led Zeppelin, Robbie Williams, Elton John), Tony Platt (a.o. AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Gary Moore), Michiel Hoogenboezem (De Dijk, Normaal), Ronald Prent, Adrian van den Berg, Gordon Groothedde en Jaap Eggermont.

Although his roots lie with Classic Rock and heavy metal, he has produced various acts from the pop-rock scene, both domestic and international. Well known names are: Intwine, Vengeance, Normaal, Kayak, Is Ook Schitterend, Mooi Wark, Jovink, Arthur Conley, Focus, The Gathering and Vandenberg  off course have benefitted from the facilities at the S&K Studio.

Interestingly enough the corporate world has also benefitted from the experience at S&K Studio and Dick Kemper Productions. A great many number of public offices and commercial institutions have used Dick Kemper’s Music for commercials as well as back ground- and theme music for Audio Visual productions

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