S&K Studio

The S&K studio offers a great wealth of possibilities for recording session in many genres. Here you find a listing of all the corporations and record companies that have worked with Dick Kemper and his S&K Studio.

Artists & Bands

Is Ook Schitterend (I.O.S.) Roger (idols) Intwine (incl. alle hits)
Kayak Adriaan van den Berg Busted
ALLman Brothers(Tribute)
Griffin Soundsurfer
30eurolive Elister Mr Hyde
Kenneh Anneke van Giersbergen After Forever *
Hangover Paradise Mischa Nou en
Big Generator Blazt Arthur Conley
Jovink en de Voederbietels Focus Normaal
The Gathering Thijs van Leer Ad Visser
The Sheer * Blizzard Absent Minded
Allied Forces Heidevolk Autumn
Asmodeus Huphter Bart Bosch
Batmobile Bennie Jolink Boh Foi Toch
Bob East Showband SKIRT Bull-It
Cheeseheads Crawatte ACDIXI
F33l3r Fratsen Moon Yard
Haze The Heinoos Kenny Steward
Man without head Lemon Crush Magic Fish
Maniacs of Noise Midnight No Exqze
Kas Bendjen Fishfever Daisy Dukes
Heibel One in a Million Oxx Band
Power Dog Soulshow Shiver
Jumpin Dukes Capital Mind Jaap (X Factor)
The Longhorn Devils The Years Turbo
Undercover V-Male Crazy Guitar's
Vandenberg Vengeance Wicked Mystic
One in a Million Red Eye No Name
Lampshade Ja Dat Zal Mooiwark
Haverkamp band Premium Orange Groove
Playyard The Rubicon Swelter
Mother of Sin Stay in Tune NE1
Haverkamp Band Kiek Now Us Autumnal Reaper
Plork en de Aannemers Lille The Mother Lovers
Paperplane Barry Hay and Beth Heart Project and many other artists
Bert Heerink Born

* Subject mastering