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At this site you will find all the information on the possibilities that the S & K studio and Dick Kemper Productions can offer to you.Now also only mixing and mastering and off course recording.

Hourly rates starting EUR 22.50.

Fact! In the last 3 years more than 25 hits have been recorded at the S & K studio. Hits from a.o. Is Ook Schitterend, Mooi Wark, Jovink, Intwine, The Gathering, V-Male, Vandenberg, Big Generator , heidevolk, kayak, focus, 30eurolive to name but a few.

S & K studio has recently updated their equipment. Sneak preview: Apple Mac Pro Six Core Xeon 2,4 GHZ,12GB with Apple 30" HD Cinema Display and ProTools HDX off course.

Check the equipment page for more data.

S & K Studio now has the possibility to use a Pro Tools HDX set. This very advanced equipment makes it possible to establish perfect recordings, using 256 tracks and a sampling rate of 192 kHz maximum. Combined with Digidesign and Wave Plug-ins, virtually anything is possible here. Dick Kemper would be delighted to tell you more about the possibilities this set offers to you.

According to the Dutch NTB, S & K Studio belongs to the top 4 studio’s in the Netherlands!

With a score of 4.5 point out of a maximum of 5, S & K Studio ranks among the top in the NTB Sterrengids.

Although we Endeavour to provide all the relevant information on this web site, you may have particular questions that are not covered here.

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Above mentioned prices are excluding BTW(VAT).

General Conditions Of Supply.

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